What If Your Loved One Refuses to Quit Cocaine?

The human brain has this amazing ability to secrete neurotransmitters, which create varying results. Serotonin elevates the mood. Adrenaline gives a burst of energy. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid calms the mind. Dopamine provides pleasure and so on. However, taking drugs like cocaine can severely meddle with the way the brain works. 

When you take cocaine, you are confusing the brain. You are inducing your brain to release certain neurotransmitters at a high level, which it normally may not, at the given moment. 

Eventually, your brain becomes dependent on the drug. Now, it “waits” for the drug to release the neurotransmitters. It “forgets” its ability to release the appropriate amount of neurotransmitters on its own. 

As North Dakota drug rehab specialists put it, you seriously mess with such an amazing organ (brain). It can, no longer, function normally. Its chemistry goes haywire. And this is also the reason you cannot go off drugs like cocaine when you wish to. Now your brain won’t let you. 

Problems with getting addicted to cocaine

Cocaine users generally do not realize the consequences of using this drug. They feel it’s completely fine. According to addicts, if the drug makes them feel so good, energetic, mentally sharp, and raring to go, then where’s the problem. 

So, it’s a hard time explaining to a cocaine addict. The best thing to do is seek expert help. Call the addiction hotline and let the experts intervene. 

Drugs like cocaine interfere with a person’s ability to think normally. Their thinking pattern and behavior change. Besides, they cease to imagine a life without their favorite drug. For them, this is life. They fail to understand the destruction they are bringing to themselves and their families. 

Shed misbeliefs and get help now

Usually, people believe that a person must hit rock bottom in addiction to need help. That’s not true. Hitting rock bottom is the worst-case scenario. You can prevent this scenario by seeking help well in advance. 

Address the issue with your loved one as soon as you see signs of cocaine addiction. Don’t wait for their life (including health) to collapse fully. 

Another misbelief is that a person who does not want to quit addiction cannot be treated. They can be treated, although it is more challenging than when a person wishes to quit. 

The biggest challenge is to enroll them in a rehabilitation program. How will you do that when they don’t want to? 

Treatment works for everybody. The environment of a center is such that a person, whether they want or not, is motivated to quit. The only thing is to somehow make the person enter the center. 

Search for “rehab near me” and find a suitable center in your area. Apart from detox, a few of the most effective therapies for cocaine addicts include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), 12-step programs, and more. 

Time to usher in a breeze of positivity in your or your loved one’s life. It may take time, but it is possible. 

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