Things to do in Sheffield in One Day

Things to do in Sheffield in One Day

Sheffield has gone from being one of England’s. Industrial powerhouses to a rising star on the country’s arts and culture scene. Its old factories and foundries, where the stainless steel cutlery. That made the city famous were once made, among other products, today house galleries, theaters and museums. What’s more, even the old town hall is now a comedy club.

Don’t limit your visit to just the industrial side of Sheffield. As the city has plenty of green spaces, parks and tranquil gardens. That you can find even in the heart of the city. Although this city has taken time to change course, it is quickly becoming a great place to explore. So, why wait? With so many things to do, start planning your vacation now. Just make jetblue airways booking in any class and save up to 40% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To make it easy for you, we’ve listed the best things that you can do while in Sheffield:

Shopping in Meadowhall

It’s worth taking the yellow or purple line of Sheffield’s tram, called Supertram. Or a train to explore this gigantic shopping center located about three and a half kilometers northeast of the city center. At Meadowhall, you’ll find over 250 luxury brand stores including House of Fraser, Hugo Boss and Debenhams. 

In the center of the complex, there is a large restaurant area, as well as an 11-screen cinema. When you visit, remember to wear comfortable shoes, as inadvertently you will end up walking several kilometers while browsing the shops.

Don’t miss it: the winter garden

Right next to the Millennium Gallery is the Winter Garden, a little oasis in the heart of Sheffield. This urban greenhouse, one of the largest in Europe, houses more than 2,000 plants from all over the planet, which can be visited for free.

Being a closed area, the garden provides ideal conditions for the subsistence of tropical plants throughout the year, as evidenced by its tall palm trees. The building itself has an ecological design, since the arches on which it rests are made of wood. If you want to learn more about local plants, don’t hesitate to visit the nearby La Paz Gardens, with a small fountain formed by a series of spouts on the ground from which water flows.

Enjoy art at the Millennium Gallery

The Millennium Gallery is among the most popular free attractions near me in the UK thanks to its impressive collection of art. Not surprisingly, one of its permanent exhibits contains some of the world’s finest metal pieces, including the magnificent stainless steel crockery that made Sheffield famous.

The gallery is located right next to the winter garden and has an excellent cafe. It also hosts regular events including temporary exhibitions from the Tate, the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery.

Don’t Miss: Sheffield Cathedral

Sheffield Cathedral was built around the 11th and 12th centuries, making it one of the oldest buildings in the city. Signs of its eventful history, which includes several reconstructions, can still be seen in its ancient ashlars. That is a relatively small temple by usual standards, as it did not gain cathedral status until 1914.

Features a particularly pretty tower above the transept, beautifully ornate stained glass windows, and a number of interesting works of art and artefacts from different periods, making Sheffield Cathedral a pleasant place to enjoy a quiet moment amidst the bustle of life. the city. It is easily accessible by Supertram, as all lines stop right next to it.

A show at Sheffield Theaters

Sheffield Theaters is made up of three theatres, the Crucible Theatre, the Lyceum Theater and the Crucible Studio, which together form one of the largest theater complexes outside London’s West End. The Crucible’s auditorium is probably the most famous of the three, hosting major snooker tournaments, although all of them regularly host major local and traveling shows.

There are other interesting theaters in the city, such as the Montgomery, the Merlin and the Lantern. Several shows are worth attending to discover new talent and enjoy original works in slightly more intimate settings.

Have a beer in the real ale capital

While the entire Yorkshire region is known for its ales. Sheffield is considered the best place to enjoy a delicious real ale. While other cities in the country specialize in big brands, Sheffield produces craft beers in small batches of literally thousands of different types each year. There are even a couple of annual festivals dedicated to local beer and cider.

Last Words

Sheffield is a special city for many reasons, and where you can do various activities. Museums, parks and galleries never fail. But, in addition, it should be noted that artists such as Def Leppard, Artic Monkeys, Pulp, The Human League or Joe Cocker come from it. So what are you waiting for? Plan an international trip with AirlinesMap and cutomize your travel itinerary on your own. Escape now and experience these best things!!

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