The Top TV Shows on IFvod TV

Here are a few of the most popular TV shows you can enjoy on the IFvod TV.

Modern Family

Modern Family is an American TV sitcom that was developed by Steven Levitan. The series follows a couple consisting of two spouses and the three kids. The family lives in a suburb in the State of California. Modern Family was first aired on the television screen in the year 2015. The show was renewed for a further three seasons. At present the show is on its 4th season. The entire series can be seen through IFvod TV.

The Office (UK)

The Office can be described as an American mockumentary sitcom developed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The series follows the adventures of a fictional paper business known as Dunder-Mifflin. The show airs on British television and is available to watch through IFvod in its original language. The Office is one of the most-watched shows in British television. The show has been praised for its relatable and often depressing depiction of the working conditions in the workplace of a huge corporation. The show has been awarded numerous prizes. It’s even been declared a finalist for the Emmy Award.

Roy Rogers Show Roy Rogers Show

The Roy Rogers Show is an American TV series. It aired from 1951 until 1960. It followed the lives of Roy Rogers and his gang. They defended his honor during his home in the Frontier Country. The series featured many famous actors in it. There were Frank Sinatra, Lucy Liu, Dan Aykroyd, a handlebar mustache, and John Lithgow. The show was spun off in 1956 titled The Wide Country.

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It’s the Dick Van Dyke Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show is an American television show created by Carl Reiner. The series followed the lives of TV producer and writer Dick Van Dyke and his wife who was played by Mary Tyler Moore. The show featured many famous actors , such as: Carl Reiner, Dan Aykroyd, Larry Mathews, Joe Daily, JamesScientists and Rob Petrie. The show ran for the totality of nine seasons.


Bewitched is an American TV show. The first series to successfully combine drama and comedy. Tv show followed the lives of the couple Endora and Mike Kresteva, and their daughter, Sabrina. The show was developed by Darryl Ponicster. The show was on for seven seasons before concluding in 1969. The show then was followed up by a TV film, called Sabrina, the Teenage Witch in 1975. 5. The X-Files The X-Files is an American science fiction television show developed by the show’s creator, Chris Carter. The series ran for nine seasons. Most popular was that of the 6th season. It scores 87 percent according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television show created by Russell T. Davies. The show is based on what happens to the titular character the time lord, who travels across the universe and time. The show has 13 seasons and 509 episodes. The most watched season was the 7th. It scores 82 percent according to Rotten Tomatoes.

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is an American science fiction TV series developed by Rod Serling. The series ran for five seasons. Its most well-known season was its second. It is rated 77 percent in Rotten Tomatoes.

Star Trek

Star Trek is an American science fiction television show developed by Gene Rodenberry. The show is about its characters, including Captain James T. Kirk (Jim Kirk) and his crew on the spaceship USS Enterprise. The show ran for five seasons with an overall run of 142 episodes. The most watched season is the very first. It scores 76 percent according to Rotten Tomatoes.

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