Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 Review: Compilation Fun


We all use our phones are on the can. Not ashamed to admit it. Sometimes it’s just looking at a cat casually pushing the glass away from the countertop, and sometimes – responding to Slack’s notifications. I usually hate doing some tasks on the phone, so I usually wait until I get back to the table. That’s until Samsung’s new sophisticated phone came out in the bath – uh, the picture.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 has the shape of an ancient Nokia E90 communicator; it’s tall and similar to a remote, but opens like a book and opens a wide 7.3-inch screen. The front panel also has a narrow screen if you don’t need that whole screen (or if you don’t have two hands free). Sales step? Turn your phone into a mini tablet anywhere.

Two days after you used it, there was this room in the bathroom clicked. I replied to the letter, but I needed to look at the attachment at the same time. On a regular phone I could switch between attachment and email, but it’s annoying, especially if you’re trying to refer to the text in the attachment. Using close split screen mode is also not that much fun.

But with Fold3, I opened the phone and placed the attachment on the right side of the screen, and the draft email – on the left. No need to memorize anything and no need to juggle apps. Yeah! I was doing many more of these tasks on Fold3 that I would normally save for a laptop or PC. Not always in the bathroom! Sometimes lying in bed before the day, or when I walk the dog. And it’s not always job-related.

I also spent some time with another sophisticated Samsung phone, the Galaxy Z Flip3, which is a smaller performance tool, and a larger smartphone that actually fits in virtually any pocket. These two gadgets are iterations for their predecessors, but they have reached a level of maturity, making them the first sophisticated phones that I am comfortable recommending, well, to almost anyone who can break their prices.


Flip3 uses a familiar clamshell design.

Photo: Samsung

Of the two challenging ones, the Galaxy Z Flip3 has a wider appeal. It’s superbly colorful and stylish, not to mention that it starts at an attractive $ 1,000, which is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen on a device in this category. (Its accessories look equally fantastic.) Best of all, it’s compact. Take a regular rectangular smartphone and then fold it in half so that the top edge is lowered to the bottom edge. This is Flip3. How can you hate that?

When folded, it is approximately the size and thickness of the Post-Its stack. This can largely fit anywhere. Yes, even those skinny jeans so you can tuck those cargo pants back into storage. Every time I had it on my desk or nightstand, I couldn’t stop admiring how little space it took up. If you’ve ever complained about the size of modern smartphones, this is a good solution. I also really like the physical opening and closing of the phone. I noticed playing with it all the time when not using it as a super expensive fidget.


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