Phone hacks to help you be more productive 

Phone hacks to help you be more productive 

iPhone hacks to help you be more productive 

The list of productivity hacks to iPhone customers that it could be difficult to choose the most effective ones. Here’s a fresh list of tips I believe will be the most helpful. The commonly people are facing the internet problems, they don’t know how to DNS isnt resolving xbox server names follow the instruction mention in a link. 

The most efficient method of saving any print you can print from the iPhone or iPad to a PDF isn’t exactly easy to figure out. However, this is a fantastic method to save copies of virtually anything. It can be as easy as: 

* Open the file you’d like to save. 

* Tap Share and choose Print. 

* When the print dialogue is displayed, you’ll see a thumbnail of the thing you want to print. Press this with your fingers and spread them. 

The preview should expand to fill the entire page. Congratulations! You just created an PDF. 

Click the Share icon. You can save the file to Files. 

Make meeting transcripts in a simple method 

Are you in charge of recording the minutes of your meetings?  

Perhaps you’re a college student who wants exact notes on lectures or a researcher trying to record lengthy discussions? 

The most efficient method of transcription using the iPhone is to utilize the application. 

It works by using the microphone on your device, and uploading files to the app which then transcribing them in real-time. 

After the recording is transcribing, you’ll receive an email and can browse and search for transcribing on the device. They can be exported in a variety of formats, and you can transfer recordings (such as recordings of conversations) to the transcription service to be used. 

Although I find it essential to review and complete transcriptions, it is much less difficult than doing it by hand. I find it very helpful. 

Speak it, don’t write it. 

Your iPhone isn’t just to ask Siri stupid questions. It’s an excellent dictation tool. It can also be used to write letters, sketch thoughts , or write for other reasons when you’re on the go Just ask Siri to launch the app for writing (Word?) and then click the microphone icon that pops up and start typing away. 

 You’ll likely have to master the built-in dictation functions of Apple (there’s an excellent listing of the commands available here) and also be required to double-check the document’s accuracy. This feature lets you to work in a variety of settings in the places you prefer. 

Automate the simple tasks 

The volume of emails that include the words, “Sent from my iPhone,” is the amount of users who haven’t yet set up their devices to automatically create a signature in the email’s end. It’s easy to set up: 

* Open Settings>Mail>Signature. 

* Select whether you wish to use the same signature for All Accounts or per Account for messages sent via your device. 

* Next, you’ll need to make a signature that is relevant for each account, or a general signature for every account, using the dialog boxes that you’ll see. 

This simple action will help your communications appear more professional and lead you well to another type of automation that is logical: 

Text Replacement (Settings>General>Keyboard>Text Replacement). 

This allows you to create text shortcuts to complex sentences or phrases. When you open it, you’ll find some of Apple’s baked-ready Text Replacement set ups. Select a shortcut, like “Monitoring form question 3” and in the Phrase box , you can make the text block for the job. 

Neutralize Notifications 

Why not reduce the Notifications you receive? 

For instance, I only receive emails from the people I include on my VIP list and only get on-screen notifications from apps that I am most concerned about – specifically communications as well as project-related apps like Slack as well as Trello. 

In order to achieve this, I was thinking about how notifications work. 

* Urgent applications I set to notify me via the Lock screen, Notification Center and Banners with (perhaps) sound and Badges disabled. 

Apps that are less important receive Lock display and Notification Center rights, as well as (perhaps) sound and Badges enabled. 

* Any remaining applications that are worthy of watching will only be granted badges with all other features removed. 

* All the other applications have all notifications disabled. Also, I’ve probably turned off Location services for themtoo. 

It is a little tedious setting this up if you have a lot of apps – you need to open Settings>Notifications and then set the relevant permission for each app. It is important to enable this for all new apps you install. 

It’s a great thing that once you’ve done this you’ll never miss a crucial alert and know when you’re alerted via an application, it’s likely one you should be aware of. 

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