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5 Signs You Suck at Lorain County Health Department

What are the Signs You Suck at Lorain County Health Department?

Lorain County Health Department has been my home for over 20 years. I started out as a public service kid in a high school in the mid-80s. And I eventually became a Health Education Specialist when I graduated from college and moved to Ohio. I worked there for over 10 years, in many capacities, before moving on to my next career.

My biggest complaint about the LCHD is that they put me on administrative leave for almost a year before I could finish up my paperwork. When I finally finished and came back to work, I was told that I had to re-apply for administrative leave again. And I was told again that I couldn’t work due to my administrative leave.

That sucks, you feel like you are being put on the spot. But there are ways to get around it. Since you are already on administrative leave, you can request a leave of absence. That way, you can still work and still meet with your doctor without being on administrative leave.

You can also request to be put on medical leave to work part-time with no restrictions. This is a great option for those sick or on vacation and can allow you to work while you take care of your health.

What should we do to get over the flu?

We all had to take at least one day off work to get over the flu. It sucks. But I think the Lorain County Health Department should be commended for putting a note on the door of every health inspector who has to take a sick day.

It is a great way to make the point that sick days can be hard on the department. And is a good reminder that even if you are sick, you are still obligated to get your job done.

It would be nice if the health department had a sign at the door to remind its employees to be there on time. It’s also a good reminder to the public that if the health department is closed, you should call 901-824-3869 to report your illness.

The signs are kind of obvious and would work better on a more generic “be on time” sign. But I think the message is clear. If the health department is closed, then there may be a contagious illness in the county. Don’t be a dick and infect others, especially if you can’t even be bothered to wear a mask.

Maybe Lorain County Health Department employees should be required to wear a mask. Maybe it should be mandatory for all health departments. It isn’t like those health department employees are going to forget to pick up their masks.

I would suggest a more generic sign, but it would be a good idea to make sure you are wearing a mask yourself. I think the message is clear that you are a sick, lazy pig.

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