Five Cool Gifts for Card Players

Giving the people that we care about something they love is great, it not only gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside, but is also scientifically proven to have a positive effect on our long-term wellbeing, making it even more worthwhile.

However, finding the inspiration for that perfect gift isn’t always the easiest thing to do. But one thing is for sure, we all want to go all in and find something different and certainly not dull. Worry no more though if you have someone who loves playing card games, as you’re in the perfect spot as we’ll help you raise your present giving to the next level.

Strategy guides

Card games aren’t all about deck-building or sleight of hand; they’re games of skill. One card game that continues to be popular is poker. And while the basic rules of the game are easy to learn, mastering the game is much harder. This is why there is such a wide variety of poker strategy books on the market. Harrington on Hold’em, which teaches the fundamental strategies of the popular game, would be a perfect gift for a poker newbie. Or, if your recipient likes card games a little more non-traditional and Pokémon-related, then maybe consider Prima’s Official Pokémon Strategy Guide.

Playing card bottle openers

Thankfully as restrictions have eased, we’ve been able to get friends over again for an evening of card gaming. Maybe while your buddies are round, you’ll possibly be having a beverage or two, so these would be great to crack open a soda or your drink of choice. These metal bottle openers are branded with the ace of spades cut out in the center as the opener and are a real conversation piece.

Card sleeves

No matter what the card game of choice is, card sleeves are one of the best things for any card game player to keep their vital equipment in tip-top shape. These durable plastic coverings will protect your gaming equipment from wear and tear. Ultra Pro Sleeves are made from a unique polypropylene formation, which cares for the card and allows for a smooth, frictionless shuffle.

Personalized card storage

Card games come in boxes of all shapes and sizes, from metal tins to cardboard boxes with inserts to keep things in order. But they don’t really cut the mustard. How often have you seen those cardboard inserts tear or move, and the whole set is disorganized or damaged before you know it? Any card game lover would appreciate a present that helps them care for their equipment. There are a host of different options, from wooden cases with brass inlays to tournament-ready towers made of durable materials.

Customizable mugs

If that special someone has all the storage, strategy guides, and more than one option, give them something that reminds them of their game of choice. There are thousands of customizable mugs, themed to please everyone from those who like bridge and poker to Magic the Gathering and more, meaning there’s almost no limit to the options.

Buying gifts for loved ones can often be a challenge, but if you put your thought into what the person truly loves, be it card games or superheroes, they’ll certainly appreciate the sentiment.

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