Cync Internal Camera Review: A manual shutter blocks sly spies


When it comes to CCTV cameras many of us have mixed feelings. Cameras can be incredibly useful. We want to know if people break into our home when we’re on vacation, or if our kids are safely back home from school. We want to test our pets while we work, or see if our children are safe and sound asleep.

But we are no want to worry about being watched against our will. You can turn off most Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras through the app that comes with it, or turn them off every time you come home. But there’s an easier way with an internal Cync smart camera (formerly C by GE): just close the shutter. Brilliant!

Hanging shutters

Photo: Cync

During my testing, I found that C by GE products are capable and affordable. The rebranding has not changed so far. This camera works well and is very similar to many of its competitors. Its distinctive feature is the shutter. It physically closes the camera lens to detect the bright red plastic beneath it. The crossed-out camera symbol is a vivid visual confirmation that there is nothing wrong here! There is no guesswork and squinting at the tiny LED to see what color it is. Closing the shutter also turns off the status LED and microphone.

Obviously, you have to remember to move the shutter down when you are ready for it to start recording again. You can also turn privacy mode on and off from the program wherever you are until the shutter closes the camera. So, for example, if you want to know what your pet is sitting on, but want them to feel comfortable, you can wait for the alert and then turn it off. They will realize that they are not watching them when the green LED goes out.

Of course, no shutter can provide 100 percent security. People can get into almost anything: doorbells, baby monitors and even the security systems of large corporations have been compromised. Eufy’s recent “software crash” allowed users to view other customers’ channels – that is, complete strangers – instead of their own.

If you invite a camera into your home, you take a risk. The shutter on the Cync camera offers at least an extra level of security. As with any security camera, choose a strong, unique password and set up two-factor authentication. Cync makes it simple by automatically setting up the latter (and you can’t opt ​​out). After entering the password, it prompts you to enter a verification code via email. You should also change your Wi-Fi password from the default settings provided to you by the company, and constantly update your cameras and routers through regular software updates. Also, maybe don’t expose yourself and do nothing, uh, extremely intimate in front of your eyes any camera on or off.

Success of installation

Photo: Cync

The body of the camera is small and, like most of the cameras we tested, quite unpretentious. It fits easily enough on a nightstand or shelf, or you can install it. It rotates 360 degrees on its stand, so before hiking you can encounter it anywhere – it also facilitates installation almost anywhere. Unlike panel cameras, you can’t change its direction in the app while you’re watching live tape, only manually – which can be a bonus for those who change clothes behind the camera lens.


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