North Korea still playing a dangerous game

While Kim has committed to ending his nuclear programme, intelligence reports suggest otherwise

Where is the Arab League?

At this critical juncture in Syria and the region, the Arab League is missing and found wanting

UAE bank mergers to ring in economies of scale

It is imperative for companies to seek efficiency in order to maximise margins and remain ahead of the competition

Pakistan economist’s ouster a retrograde step

Move to ask Mian to stand down is not consistent with Imran’s promise of good governance

UAE committed to curbing food wastage

Partnership with food banking network will help narrow the chasm between the well-fed and hungry

The razing of Idlib is now imminent

It seems all but inevitable that those in the besieged Syrian enclave face a catastrophe of unparalleled proportions

Yemen talks will build confidence

All parties involved in the Geneva deliberation realise that Al Houthis must disarm and disengage

The plight of the not so well off

Kevin Martin, Special to Gulf News

Finding the right work-life balance

Mahmood Saberi, Special to Gulf News

The pain and horror of floods

Maria Elizabeth Kallukaren,Special to Gulf News

Life lessons, off the beaten track

Sudha Subramanian, Special to Gulf News

Change is the fashion of each evolving decade

Kevin Martin, Special to Gulf News

Welcome to a kitsch new world

Cara McGoogan

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