How to take a screenshot on any phone or laptop (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, Chromebook)

Some Android phone manufacturers offer a screen scrolling feature that allows you to capture an entire web page or message stream. They all have different names, but each involves taking a screenshot and then clicking a button when a preview appears. For example, on a Samsung phone you have to click the two arrows in the window to use Scroll capture. Huawei has a similar option called Scroll, LG offers Advanced option, and OnePlus has Advanced screenshot.

If your phone does not have this feature, think of an application like Screen Master.

How to take a screenshot on a Windows computer

Windows pruning tool

Photo: Simon Hill

To take a screenshot on a Windows laptop or desktop computer, tap Screen printing keyboard (usually abbreviated Prt Scn or similar). If you only want to take a screenshot of the active window, click Alt and Screen printing keys together. The screenshot you take is automatically copied to the clipboard, and you need to open Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, or other image software to paste it so you can edit and save it.

If you just want to capture part of the screen in Windows 10, try pressing a button Windows,, Shift, and S keys together. You can then click and drag to highlight the desired bit, and release it to capture. In earlier versions of Windows you can do the same with Slicing tool, which can be found by clicking the Start button and typing “Cutting Tool” in the search bar. Once again, the screenshot will be copied to the clipboard for pasting.

To take screenshots and save them automatically, tap Windows and Screen printing keys together. Screenshots are stored in a folder with a title Screenshots in your Pictures folder.

How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

To take a screenshot on your Chromebook, tap Control (usually abbreviated Ctrl) and Show Windows (rectangle with two lines on the right) keys together.

To capture part of the screen, tap Shift,, Control, and Show Windows keys, press and drag to highlight the desired bit, then release to take a screenshot.

A preview of the screenshot should appear in the lower right corner and you can copy or make an annotation. To find screenshots later, click Launcher button (circle in the lower left corner) and then select Files, and press Downloads on the left.

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Photo: Apple

To take a screenshot on a Mac, tap Shift,, Command, and 3 keys simultaneously.

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